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How cool is is that there is a day where it's acceptable - NAY - encouraged, to be a crying bundle of emotions while you tell your lover just how dang much they mean to you? A day where you can wear whatever you want to wear, do whatever you want to do, cry and laugh as much as you want - all in the name of love! Pretty cool, I think. A day where everything happens in both slow motion and hyperspeed. And it's the freaking best. I aim to document the feeling underneath all the wedding "things". The one that remains even after the dress is dirty, after the lights have been turned out, and all that remains of your wedding day is that half eaten piece of cake and half drunk champagne. 

electric kind of love

for me. 


You + your boo, doing the things that make you, you. I'm there too, spinning tunes and documenting your chemistry as it unfolds. 1.5 hours and 10/10 would recommend.

$400 + gst 


Still you + your boo, doing you, but with an epic backdrop: Drumheller, Nordegg, Kananaskis, Jasper, Canmore, and Banff. 2 hours and *immaculate* vibes.

$575 + gst 

Weddings + Elopements

You + your boo, dressed to the nines and saying HELL YES to loving each other for the rest of your lives. This is about more than pretty photos. It's about documenting your legacy; telling your story.

Elopements starting at $1900 + gst
Weddings starting at $2900 + gst 




Our photos are stunning and truly capture our love in such a romantic, candid way. It wasn't awkward posing, held for long periods of time, rather Breanne captured a lot of moments of us dancing, laughing, snuggling close. Breanne is fun, down to earth, creative, and has quickly become a friend - I even texted her a picture of wedding dress on the day I bought it! It feels very special to have met the person who will most likely photograph all of our major life moments in the future.
- C & T

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Intimate and artful storytelling for all kinds of love 

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